Crazy Turtle Friend Roblox Id

Item Name: Crazy Turtle Friend
Item Code: 118279889
Crazy Turtle Friend Roblox Id

Crazy Turtle Friend is a popular Shoulder Code. You can decorate & protect your shoulders as well. Many items and pets have been provided to you for this purpose. It seems so joyful and interesting. If you are thinking it is difficult or effort-taking, that is wrong. Usage of these shoulder codes is as easy as you use other codes. From the list of 117 Roblox neck codes, we are proving you the names of some popular ones; ninja shoulder armor, crazy turtle friend, red sleepy koala, and shoulder crow. 

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ID Item Image Code Actions
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6 Shoulder Crow Shoulder Crow Roblox Id 106709021
7 Red Sleepy Koala Red Sleepy Koala Roblox Id 439943248
8 The Raven The Raven Roblox Id 20945145
9 Crazy Turtle Friend Crazy Turtle Friend Roblox Id 118279889
10 Ninja Shoulder Armor Ninja Shoulder Armor Roblox Id 255797621
Total Entries: 117