Teddy Trap Roblox Id

Item Name: Teddy Trap
Item Code: 12890798
Teddy Trap Roblox Id

Teddy Trap is a popular Explosive Code. These types of Roblox items are used for explosion purposes. If you want to perform better at wars and fights or to take revenge on your enemies then these tools are the suitable option for you. All the items having specifications. You can use them in a different type of situation. We offer you the number of explosion codes more than 23. Some explosion tools are exploding heart, teddy trap, black hole bomb, and fuse bomb. Let’s enjoy the next-level gaming adventure with the help of these explosion items. Just copy your favorable item’s code from here and enjoy!

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ID Item Image Code Actions
1 Fuse Bomb Fuse Bomb Roblox Id 11563251
2 Spikesplosion Spikesplosion Roblox Id 73888479
3 Black Hole Bomb Black Hole Bomb Roblox Id 28277486
4 Paint Grenade Paint Grenade Roblox Id 172246820
5 Subspace Tripmine Subspace Tripmine Roblox Id 11999247
6 Starblox Latte Starblox Latte Roblox Id 15932306
7 Hot Potato Hot Potato Roblox Id 25741198
8 Teddy Trap Teddy Trap Roblox Id 12890798
9 Exploding Heart Exploding Heart Roblox Id 178076989
10 CocoWHAAA? CocoWHAAA? Roblox Id 24396804
Total Entries: 23