Trim Roblox Id

Item Name: Trim
Item Code: 6340227
Trim Roblox Id

Trim is a popular Heads Code. If you want to work on your physical appearance the same as your real life, you can do it. But here are some changes too. In the Roblox gaming world, you can create your avatar’s look as per your desire. The beauty of your character is in your own hands. We are providing several head options that are different from each other. Cheeks, narrow, strong jaws, Roundy, trim, blockhead are a few of examples our head items & options. All the head items are having codes as well. What are you waiting for if you want your head shape according to your desire? You just have to copy the code and modify your avatar.

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ID Item Image Code Actions
1 Cheeks Cheeks Roblox Id 746767604
2 Narrow Narrow Roblox Id 746774687
3 Strong Jaw Strong Jaw Roblox Id 616399508
4 Paragon Paragon Roblox Id 616398268
5 Chiseled Chiseled Roblox Id 616387160
6 Roundy Roundy Roblox Id 6340213
7 Trim Trim Roblox Id 6340227
8 Blockhead Blockhead Roblox Id 6340101
Total Entries: 8