Clown Bomb Roblox Id

Item Name: Clown Bomb
Item Code: 88146497
Clown Bomb Roblox Id

Clown Bomb is a popular Social Code. By using these tools you are allowed to do some unexpected movements and actions. These items indicate some sort of power as well. These magical items are more than magnificent tools that upgrade your performance very rapidly. Few popular items from this list are poison picnic, trollin’s pumpkin, year of the monkey lantern, and blizzard wand. 

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ID Item Image Code Actions
1 Meteor Staff Meteor Staff Roblox Id 87361806
2 Pretty Pretty Princess Sceptor Pretty Pretty Princess Sceptor Roblox Id 114020480
3 Blizzard Wand Blizzard Wand Roblox Id 68354832
4 Danceblaster 7000 Danceblaster 7000 Roblox Id 45941451
5 Clown Bomb Clown Bomb Roblox Id 88146497
6 Annoying Elf: Keith Annoying Elf: Keith Roblox Id 68354853
7 Staff of Eggstra Large Eggs Staff of Eggstra Large Eggs Roblox Id 228588531
8 Year of the Monkey Lantern Year of the Monkey Lantern Roblox Id 359179463
9 Trollin' Pumpkin Trollin 62803186
10 Poison Picnic Poison Picnic Roblox Id 88143074
Total Entries: 251