Roblox Back Codes

ID Item Image Code Actions
11 Vampire Cloak Vampire Cloak Roblox Id 1076568835
12 Wings of Duality Wings of Duality Roblox Id 493489765
13 Heroic Golden Wings Heroic Golden Wings Roblox Id 335079187
14 Emerald Wings Emerald Wings Roblox Id 1033116801
15 Phoenix Backpack Phoenix Backpack Roblox Id 880236622
16 Guitar Backpack Guitar Backpack Roblox Id 417455866
17 Shoulder Bear Shoulder Bear Roblox Id 493483053
18 Majestic Ice Wings Majestic Ice Wings Roblox Id 188702967
19 Deluxe Ninja Swordpack Deluxe Ninja Swordpack Roblox Id 67996263
20 Anime Sword of Destiny Anime Sword of Destiny Roblox Id 745790335
Total Entries: 189

Now you can find Roblox back codes very easily on our platform. We are aiming to boost your gaming adventure in all ways. These all items have special power to get higher scores in the game. Every back item helps you to play with more power. We can’t deny the importance of these super tools. There are a total of 189 codes for the Roblox back item. A few of these fantastic items are Deluxe Bat wings, Crimson wings, black wings, dark fire wings, shoulder sloth, and sparkling angel wings.