Roblox Explosive Codes

ID Item Image Code Actions
11 Pigs Boson Collider Pigs Boson Collider Roblox Id 88143093
12 Bundle of TNT Bundle of TNT Roblox Id 12902404
13 Crowbar Crowbar Roblox Id 21445765
14 Fiery Bone Trap Fiery Bone Trap Roblox Id 63253706
15 Implosion Bomb Implosion Bomb Roblox Id 108875216
16 Korblox: Tripmine Korblox: Tripmine Roblox Id 51757158
17 Axe of Blinding Justice Axe of Blinding Justice Roblox Id 183665514
18 Grim Axe Grim Axe Roblox Id 107458531
19 Egg Fuse Bomb Egg Fuse Bomb Roblox Id 50454086
20 Bombo's Survival Raig Table Bombo 243788010
Total Entries: 23

These types of Roblox items are used for explosion purposes. If you want to perform better at wars and fights or to take revenge on your enemies then these tools are the suitable option for you. All the items having specifications. You can use them in a different type of situation. We offer you the number of explosion codes more than 23. Some explosion tools are exploding heart, teddy trap, black hole bomb, and fuse bomb. Let’s enjoy the next-level gaming adventure with the help of these explosion items. Just copy your favorable item’s code from here and enjoy!