Roblox Melee Codes

ID Item Image Code Actions
11 ROBLOX Classic Brigand's Sword ROBLOX Classic Brigand 10468915
12 Bat Scythe Bat Scythe Roblox Id 306971294
13 Sledge Hammer Sledge Hammer Roblox Id 45177979
14 Ninja Claws Ninja Claws Roblox Id 160189871
15 Black and White Sword Black and White Sword Roblox Id 191261930
16 Spartan Sword Spartan Sword Roblox Id 20721924
17 Prehistoric Piercing Blade Prehistoric Piercing Blade Roblox Id 206136361
18 Elven Blade of Glory Elven Blade of Glory Roblox Id 22788134
19 Scythe Scythe Roblox Id 28275809
20 Pizza Sword Pizza Sword Roblox Id 602146440
Total Entries: 279

You can’t fight without weapons and other this type of items. In Roblox gaming you are not going to buy these items from any market, right? So, question is that where you can get it. If you are not our platform, don’t be worried about it. We are offering you a list of 279 Roblox melee codes to get in the war. The most popular weapons are mad murderer knife, Ronin katana, arctic foxtail, and rainbow omega katana. All the items are used for a specific purpose so you can’t afford to ignore any of them.