Roblox Neck Codes

ID Item Image Code Actions
11 Ostrichsized Winter Scarf Ostrichsized Winter Scarf Roblox Id 99266546
12 BFF Key BFF Key Roblox Id 33872870
13 ROBLOX Tie ROBLOX Tie Roblox Id 31107926
14 Dog Tags Dog Tags Roblox Id 31312480
15 Fancy Boa Fancy Boa Roblox Id 258184284
16 Clown Tie Clown Tie Roblox Id 51353016
17 Golden Carrot Necklace Golden Carrot Necklace Roblox Id 738680475
18 Disguise Scarf Disguise Scarf Roblox Id 987018852
19 Korblox Collar Korblox Collar Roblox Id 330294398
20 Living Art: Psychadelic Pop Art Living Art: Psychadelic Pop Art Roblox Id 321353278
Total Entries: 209

Same as for head and hair, you can transform your avatar’s style by using these head items. If you want to be in style even gaming then these are outstanding items are for you. Here you will find neck items with several designs. Snow queen’s necklace, crimson winter scarf, vampire collar, doge scarf, and ninja scarf of the silent wind are the few fantastic items from the given list.