Roblox Power-Up Codes

ID Item Image Code Actions
11 Pwny Pwny Roblox Id 26777410
12 Homemade Sword and Shield Homemade Sword and Shield Roblox Id 244082303
13 ROBLOXIAN Healing Orb ROBLOXIAN Healing Orb Roblox Id 61916132
14 First Aid Kit First Aid Kit Roblox Id 45201977
15 First Aid Kit First Aid Kit Roblox Id 15397778
16 Sci-Fi MedVac 4300 Sci-Fi MedVac 4300 Roblox Id 78005082
17 Sword of Fiery Justice Sword of Fiery Justice Roblox Id 99797381
18 Ghostfire Dagger Ghostfire Dagger Roblox Id 62350856
19 Knights of Redcliff: Sword and Shield Knights of Redcliff: Sword and Shield Roblox Id 49929767
20 Annoying Elf: ReeseMcBlox Annoying Elf: ReeseMcBlox Roblox Id 67494312
Total Entries: 43

Power-up tools and items enable you to do more in a quick run. The scene is this if you want to power yourself in the game. You have to use these items sometimes these may be utilized by you or sometimes may be eaten or drunk by you. But utilizing them you can magnificently increase your energy level. It seems like magic. Use any of the items from the category and power up your character in the gaming adventure.

The number of tools and items has been provided but here we are also presenting the names of a few that are mostly used; these are Tom’s beans, healing potion, quick potion, magic ninja, bloxy cola, speed coil, and cake.