Roblox Power-Up Codes

ID Item Image Code Actions
21 Ceramic Potion Ceramic Potion Roblox Id 22152171
22 Ghostfire Sword Ghostfire Sword Roblox Id 64220933
23 Staff of the Woodlands Staff of the Woodlands Roblox Id 11373617
24 Deputy Bobby's Cowboy Boots Deputy Bobby 49052638
25 Snowy Gravity Coil Snowy Gravity Coil Roblox Id 186868758
26 Korblox: DeathSpeaker's Zombie Creator Korblox: DeathSpeaker 51760061
27 Annoying Elf: Finsurf Annoying Elf: Finsurf Roblox Id 67798397
28 Vine Staff Vine Staff Roblox Id 30847733
29 Potion of the Fiery Fists Potion of the Fiery Fists Roblox Id 56561593
30 Bug Juice Bug Juice Roblox Id 57229313
Total Entries: 43

Power-up tools and items enable you to do more in a quick run. The scene is this if you want to power yourself in the game. You have to use these items sometimes these may be utilized by you or sometimes may be eaten or drunk by you. But utilizing them you can magnificently increase your energy level. It seems like magic. Use any of the items from the category and power up your character in the gaming adventure.

The number of tools and items has been provided but here we are also presenting the names of a few that are mostly used; these are Tom’s beans, healing potion, quick potion, magic ninja, bloxy cola, speed coil, and cake.