Roblox Power-Up Codes

ID Item Image Code Actions
31 Epicsauce Epicsauce Roblox Id 31314931
32 Party Blaster Paint Gun Party Blaster Paint Gun Roblox Id 456221232
33 Double Damage Frog Double Damage Frog Roblox Id 114687236
34 Magic Carrot Magic Carrot Roblox Id 50454041
35 Knights of the Splintered Skies: Hydrian Elixir Knights of the Splintered Skies: Hydrian Elixir Roblox Id 55917420
36 Wild West Sarsaparilla Wild West Sarsaparilla Roblox Id 58574416
37 Skelefriend Skelefriend Roblox Id 63253701
38 Fallen Artemis Sword & Shield Fallen Artemis Sword & Shield Roblox Id 243778818
39 Dragon Slayers Sword and Shield Dragon Slayers Sword and Shield Roblox Id 73232803
40 Deluxe Vine Staff Deluxe Vine Staff Roblox Id 183355732
Total Entries: 43

Power-up tools and items enable you to do more in a quick run. The scene is this if you want to power yourself in the game. You have to use these items sometimes these may be utilized by you or sometimes may be eaten or drunk by you. But utilizing them you can magnificently increase your energy level. It seems like magic. Use any of the items from the category and power up your character in the gaming adventure.

The number of tools and items has been provided but here we are also presenting the names of a few that are mostly used; these are Tom’s beans, healing potion, quick potion, magic ninja, bloxy cola, speed coil, and cake.