Roblox Shoulder Codes

ID Item Image Code Actions
11 Meowy Christmas Meowy Christmas Roblox Id 67996309
12 SHOULDER: Tiny Top Hat SHOULDER: Tiny Top Hat Roblox Id 493480419
13 Friendly Swamp Monster Friendly Swamp Monster Roblox Id 532178835
14 Bandleader Guinea Pig Friend Bandleader Guinea Pig Friend Roblox Id 391490834
15 Penguin Advisor Penguin Advisor Roblox Id 137714574
16 Sophisticated Bat Sophisticated Bat Roblox Id 302281876
17 Ninja Guinea Pig Ninja Guinea Pig Roblox Id 435114822
18 Scorch the Ever Faithful Scorch the Ever Faithful Roblox Id 610138769
19 Patriotic Eagle Shoulder Friend Patriotic Eagle Shoulder Friend Roblox Id 892007742
20 Dark Age Ninja Pauldrons Dark Age Ninja Pauldrons Roblox Id 340624049
Total Entries: 117

You can decorate & protect your shoulders as well. Many items and pets have been provided to you for this purpose. It seems so joyful and interesting. If you are thinking it is difficult or effort-taking, that is wrong. Usage of these shoulder codes is as easy as you use other codes. From the list of 117 Roblox neck codes, we are proving you the names of some popular ones; ninja shoulder armor, crazy turtle friend, red sleepy koala, and shoulder crow.