Roblox Social Codes

ID Item Image Code Actions
11 Dance Grenade Dance Grenade Roblox Id 65545955
12 Watermelon Launcher Watermelon Launcher Roblox Id 161230469
13 Captain Steelshanks Recruiting Staff Captain Steelshanks Recruiting Staff Roblox Id 71597060
14 Turkey Leg Turkey Leg Roblox Id 13745494
15 Ninja Jump Potion Ninja Jump Potion Roblox Id 46846115
16 Make It Rain Make It Rain Roblox Id 99797403
17 Picnic Basket Picnic Basket Roblox Id 52625744
18 Ninja Blink Potion Ninja Blink Potion Roblox Id 47597835
19 Leprechaun Friend Leprechaun Friend Roblox Id 74972442
20 Atomizer Atomizer Roblox Id 35293856
Total Entries: 251

By using these tools you are allowed to do some unexpected movements and actions. These items indicate some sort of power as well. These magical items are more than magnificent tools that upgrade your performance very rapidly. Few popular items from this list are poison picnic, trollin’s pumpkin, year of the monkey lantern, and blizzard wand.