Roblox Transport Codes

ID Item Image Code Actions
11 Red Rolling Hoverboard Red Rolling Hoverboard Roblox Id 398675172
12 Hyperbike Hyperbike Roblox Id 130113061
13 Ultimate Drive Speedster Ultimate Drive Speedster Roblox Id 253519495
14 Rainbow Magic Carpet Rainbow Magic Carpet Roblox Id 225921000
15 Magical Unicorn Magical Unicorn Roblox Id 268533852
16 Personal UFO Personal UFO Roblox Id 163352376
17 Flying Dragon Flying Dragon Roblox Id 610133821
18 Golden Rolling Hoverboard Golden Rolling Hoverboard Roblox Id 928805891
19 Pompous, the Cloud Pompous, the Cloud Roblox Id 107458483
20 Red Hyperbike Red Hyperbike Roblox Id 170896571
Total Entries: 116

Same like real life, here you also need vehicles and animals to go another place. All the transport tools are provided here along with their codes. Use any of your favorite transport tools and go anywhere in the Roblox world. The list consists of over 116 codes that are more them enough for you. Our most favorite transport tools are roped, sinister flying magic carpet, and gravity disruptor.