Roblox Waist Codes

ID Item Image Code Actions
21 Portrait of a Hero at ROBLOX HQ Portrait of a Hero at ROBLOX HQ Roblox Id 169448080
22 Portrait of a Hero Camping Portrait of a Hero Camping Roblox Id 904541305
23 Mischief Tail Mischief Tail Roblox Id 1117719026
24 Jadescale's Tail Jadescale 1033139383
25 Unicorn Tail Unicorn Tail Roblox Id 1241227686
26 Peacock Tail Peacock Tail Roblox Id 1645048411
27 Earth Dragon Tail Earth Dragon Tail Roblox Id 1320955567
28 Shark Tail Shark Tail Roblox Id 1191143794
29 Squirrel Tail Squirrel Tail Roblox Id 1241152347
30 Turkey Tail Turkey Tail Roblox Id 1145359365
Total Entries: 34

You can upgrade your style & power by utilizing tails of different animals and several items that will adjust on your waist. These are many codes that we have collected for you. Grey cattail, foxtail, bunny tail, skeleton dinosaur tail are a few of the 34 items that we have provided you.